crochet pattern: nursing necklace

New in my shop! Crochet pattern for this bright, cheerful necklace.

For more crochet jewelry patterns as well as crochet patterns for simple home decor items such as picture frames and coasters, visit JaKiGu on Etsy. See you there!


3 thoughts on “crochet pattern: nursing necklace

    1. Haha! Not a silly question at all. It’s not the most marketable (or self-explanatory) name. It’s a regular necklace that can be used as visual stimulation for a nursing baby (whether breast or bottle fed). Infants are drawn to highly saturated, high contrast colors and shapes; and older babies might like to explore the textures by touching the necklace (or, it can divert their wandering attention away from mom’s “real” jewelry). I made and used this necklace with that intention in mind – and must say, it worked wonderfully! Though, it will still be an amazing necklace even if there aren’t any babies in sight!

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