free crochet pattern: large one-round snowflake

One-round Crochet Snowflake, Free Crochet Pattern by JaKiGu
Free crochet pattern by JaKiGu – Happy Holidays! Links to the other two free patterns are at the bottom of this post.

And there are more wonderful crochet Christmas gift ideas at JaKiGu on Etsy – be sure to visit and see for yourself. December is a month of specials – up to 50% off.


Any appropriate combination of yarn/thread and hook should work; I used Sugar n’ Cream Cotton in Ecru (medium weight) and a 5mm hook.


(Note: chain 3 instead of the first tc)

Magic circle – *tr2tog into magic circle – ch 5 – sc into bl of 3rd ch from the hook, dc into bl of next ch, tc into bl of next ch* 6 times – work an invisible join

Invisible Join:

Cut yarn after the last triple crochet. Leave a 6 in (15 cm) tail and pull it through the stitch. Insert the hook under both loops of the first chain of chain 5 at the beginning of the round, from the wrong side (back) to the right side (front). Pull tail end through. Insert hook under back loop of the last triple crochet, from the wrong side (back) to the right side (front). Pull yarn through, weave the end securely in,  and trim excess.


ch: chain
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
tc: triple crochet
tr2tog: triple crochet 2 stitches together
bl: back loop

Links to other two free crochet snowflake patterns:

Medium Crochet Snowflake
Small Crochet Snowflake


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